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The Ethical Imperative

Discover groundbreaking insights and transformative leadership strategies presented by Andrew Cooper. Dive into a journey of resilience, innovation, and the power of conscientious leadership in times of crisis.

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Unlock the Positive Power of Business

About the Author

An insightful leader, Andrew brings life lessons and executive experience from the forefront of crisis management and leadership excellence. With a rich background spanning multiple Fortune 500 companies including big tech, big law, and logistics, Andrew offers a uniquely Millennial perspective on harnessing the power of leadership. From navigating today's increasingly turbulent workplace and generational eddies, to maneuvering around social media headwinds and choppy market conditions, he leads organizations to both profit and positive impact that empowers communities.

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Book Overview

Drawing from over twenty academic studies an five decades of research, The Ethical Imperative vividly illustrates the growing disconnect between corporations and public trust, emphasizing the urgent need for a shift from profit-driven to people-centric business models. Beginning with a personal tragedy that highlights systemic failures, the book evolves into a compelling narrative on the potential of leadership to transform lives and organizations. It is a testament to the author's profound understanding of the leadership challenges and opportunities in today's world.

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Leading With Conscious to Shape the Future of Business

The future challenges business leaders to take an active role in the preservation of today’s free market by embracing leadership on wealth inequality, rural economic decay, and climate policy. The Ethical Imperative paints a compelling picture of the rising threat that widespread public apathy towards institutions poses to business as we know it. And with engaging, erudite, authentic and personal language, it outlines the moves that matter to avoid the evident catastrophe. The Ethical Imperative urges a rethinking of the archaic, profit-centric corporate culture that has proved detrimental to not only corporations but also to their own consumers, employees, and surrounding communities. And it charts a path that every generation, from Gen Z to GenNext, can get behind.

What the Critics Say...

John Murphy Chairman Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP

"The Ethical Imperative is a must read for any individual who yearns to make this world a better place for everyone. Andrew's call for the development of conscientious leaders who have the courage to focus on positions that are morally right and not simply profit-driven is exactly what we need as we move into the future."

John Murphy

Former Chairman,

Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP

"Whether you are a c-suite executive, non-profit leader, entrepreneur or a concerned citizen, The Ethical Imperative is a must-read if you care about centering the lived experiences of those around you. Told in a unique, compelling and thought-provoking manner, Andrew Cooper harnesses his corporate leadership and homespun wisdom to practical tools that will enhance readers' ability to make wise people-centered decisions."

Richard Fowler

Fox News Contributor

Richard Fowler Fox News

"This powerful book reminds current and future leaders that the ethical option should be the first and primary consideration, not profit. To have a brighter future for our society and posterity, leaders in the business community must redevelop their conscience, lead with a strong understanding of morality, and acknowledge the impacts their decisions have on society. Andrew’s work helps fly us to a future we can all be proud of."

Dr. James H. Stephenson, III

Board Member and Research Scientist

“Andy notes that a corporation’s relentless pursuit of profits at the expense of the greater good may result in it collapsing in on itself. I couldn’t agree more. The wish to avoid collapse may be what we need.  Thankfully, Andy also understands nuance. While Bernie Sanders rails on about “corporate greed,” Andy knows that the picture is more complex. Corporations do not have one essence, and they are, importantly, made up of human beings. Andy reminds us of the enormous treasures that are today’s companies.”

Deborah Pollack-Milgate

Co-Host, The Parity Podcast

Bill Sampson Author of Wheat Fields

"Increasingly, younger generations condemn corporations when they speak of them at all. Andy speaks to these generations, but even more powerfully to today's business leaders. The Ethical Imperative introduces the 'conscientious executive,' the leader who stewards her community and its dreams while minding her company's bottom line. There is no preaching here--only stories, good ones. when business can answer accusations of 'greed' with a track record of compassion, we will have gotten somewhere."

Bill Sampson

Former Navy Judge Advocate,

Author of Wheat Fields

"Andrew Cooper has given us a view into what will be required of effective leaders that are committed to authentic servant leadership and concern for the teams they lead. The conscientious leader must be guided by clear and unwavering goals and objectives. Andrew has shown us a correct model of what tomorrow's successful leaders must bring to their duties in order to be an inspirational leader that not only gets maximum effort from the teams they lead, but to give maximum effort in leading their team."

Judge Jon R. Gray

Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri (Ret.)

Judge Jon Gray

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