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The World Is What We Make It...

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Humanity First.

"Her untimely demise was emblematic of systemic failure. She came from a poor community. Local services were inadequate and even her home buckled under the neglect of resources. She and I were both products of the same, undervalued social construct. We were America’s working poor and therefore unseen. But, as Michael Caine’s character says in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, “sometimes the pit sends something back.” Unlike her, I made it out. And, three decades later it occurred to me that, in the panoply of preventable deaths, I have a real opportunity to save people like her."

-Andrew Cooper, The Ethical Imperative,
On Wilhelmina

Andrew Cooper Harvard Debate Speech
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Embrace the Future

Millennials remain an enigma and a delight. The hundreds of articles written to demystify our generation coalesce around at least one truth: we are community focused. As corporate teams produce the next iteration of the office, millennial employees and managers will play a key role in defining their success. We’ll rewrite traditional playbooks, make new discoveries and reshape markets. Here’s the question: Are senior leaders ready to let the millennial manager become a change maker? In organizations around the world, we’ll soon find out.

Andrew Cooper Bedouin
Andrew Cooper IDF Israel

Bring Communities Together.

My mission is to build an army of leaders who share in a simple gospel. To make the world better, we must bring people together. 
In every business decision this truth should be centered. Because making the world better isn't a solitary endeavor—it's a collaborative symphony, where every note played, and every voice heard, contributes to the greater melody of progress. Together, we build bridges where walls once stood, and in our unity, we find the power to overcome any obstacle. Bold organizations cultivate a cultural fervor for expanding products and services in ways that resonate with customer needs, enthusiastically innovating so as to bring people together. 

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Be a Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

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