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Growth Mindset Series: What is a growth mindset? (1 of 4)

A growth mindset is the only real advantage you can give yourself in this world.

Everything else is a matter of chance. But you can choose to believe that you can improve things over time. That’s what a growth mindset is.

It’s never been more crucial. We live in an era of constant change, so we have to learn new things and constantly adapt. It’s certainly true in the business world, but it’s even true when navigating our personal relationships and participating in community life.

The Science Behind the Growth Mindset

There’s a lot of science to back up this key point: if you think you can learn something, then you will. And if you continuously learn new things, you become an unstoppable force in the world.

In 2007, a landmark study found that students who believed that mathematical ability could be improved were found to be much more successful over time than those students who thought intelligence was fixed. The researchers then tried teaching a class that this intelligence could be improved — and they found that students responded with improved motivation and better outcomes.

Over the last 15 years, that principle has continued to astound researchers. Simply believing you can improve opens the door to growth. But when you believe you are stuck with the abilities you have today, you end up where you are now (or worse) down the line.

Why It Matters

Leaders need to embrace a growth mindset, not just for themselves (although they should definitely be doing that). But just as importantly, we need to create a culture of growth where we believe things can improve.

That’s what this entire newsletter is all about. I’ll be sharing ways to understand and adapt to the world better. And if you believe you can get better, this will be your new superpower.

Keep an eye out for the next email, where I’ll share simple, concrete steps you can take to build a growth mindset.

Until then,


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