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Growth Mindset Series: Too Plugged In (4 of 4)

Tech is everywhere. You’re reading this on a screen right now.

When it’s so hard to escape technology, then the impacts these devices have on our mental health becomes extremely important.

But when we talk about reducing screen time, what’s the main problem that keeps getting in our way?


Every time, people end up feeling pressured by work to keep a watchful eye on their emails, to rapidly respond to messages, and to sift through spreadsheets and slide shows.

So today, I want to address the impact of technology on the mental health of our work teams.

Technology: The Good and the Bad

Technology, undoubtedly, has made some awesome changes in our workplaces. It allows us to stay in touch while we are traveling or at home with a sick child. But this constant connectivity can blur the boundaries between work and personal life, leading to stress and burnout.

Yes, these devices and services also allow us to exchange helpful, even insightful information at high speeds. But the incessant flow can overwhelm our mental capacity, while virtual interactions can sometimes lead to a sense of isolation.

The Signs of Tech Burnout

Beginning in 2020, there was a wave of science studying technostress. That’s when so many of us had just shifted to spending eight hours (or more) a day on platforms like Zoom.

That research highlighted some important warning signs of technostress burnout:

●     Feeling chained to work emails

●     High anxiety around social media interactions

●     Difficulty putting digital devices away

Make Digital Work Healthier

So how can we reduce the risk of technostress? Below, I’ve listed some of the most important principles:

●     Set boundaries with email-free hours that your team can rely on.

●     Take an audit of the digital tools your team uses at least twice a year.

●     Schedule breaks from screens throughout the day.

●     Make sure the team is coming together with in-person interactions.

●     Provide resources that help your team members begin their digital wellness journey.

In our world, getting this stuff right isn’t easy — especially at first. But this some effort, our workplaces can strike a balance where we get a lot out of our digital tools, without creating stress for ourselves.

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