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"Genuine leadership in any enterprise—military or civilian, public or private—will always be centered on people: answering their needs and providing them the tools to accomplish their tasks, thrive, and grow. The Ethical Imperative eloquently frames these timeless qualities of leadership for a rising generation inheriting a complex and rapidly changing world. It's an excellent read anchored by the indispensable understanding that compassion is not the absence of strength, but its apex."

A.J. Harrison,

Retired U.S. Army Judge Advocate

Author of Old Scores

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This book is a clarion call to action, presenting a vision where companies prioritize the well-being of employees, shareholders, and communities alike. Cooper shares five practical strategies for fostering a corporate culture that champions long-term prosperity over short-term gains, highlighting the significance of social media and the need for genuine corporate transparency.

Through compelling stories and actionable insights from his extensive executive experience, Cooper demonstrates how businesses can transform into entities that not only thrive financially but also contribute positively to society. The Ethical Imperative is an indispensable guide for leaders at all levels who aspire to spearhead a new era of ethical business practices, making it a must-read for those committed to creating a more equitable and sustainable future.

The Ethical Imperative Book
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